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Punch In, Order Lunch, and Check your Schedule; All in Under a Minute with the Kronos InTouch Time Clock

March 6th, 2012 at 2:12 pm

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Imagine walking into the office on a Monday morning. You just realized you have meetings scheduled through lunch and you’ll only have 15 minutes to grab a bite. The cafeteria is always crowded around lunch time, you might not even make it. On top of that, you’ve been meaning to request time off for your vacation in two weeks. You just can’t seem to find the time…

Now imagine if you could place a lunch order, have it ready for pick-up in the cafeteria at a certain time, check your work schedule, and request off for your vacation, all at the same time. Sounds great, huh? Well Kronos’ new InTouch time clock allows employees to do just that.

The InTouch system is sleek and sophisticated, more in line with a tablet than a traditional time clock. Equipped with multiple different functionalities it allows employees to take charge of their day, and manage their time to the fullest. Kronos software is built for cloud computing, allowing businesses to pay Kronos a fee for remote service instead of hosting in house, saving companies money. Better still, the InTouch time clock has an open app platform, meaning outsiders can develop applications to run on the system and customize it to their particular needs. MM Hayes developed the first application to run on the system, allowing employees to pre-order food and have it ready for pickup. Pretty cool!

Want to learn more? What would you like to see Kronos incorporate into the system? If you’re up for building your own application, check this out!

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