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Cashless Payment Solutions

Quickcharge Cashless Payment Software

Cashless Payment Solutions for the Workplace.

The Quickcharge cashless payment solution allows employees and other personnel to make convenient, cash-free purchases at dining and retail venues throughout your organization.

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Quickcharge Payment Programs

Cashless payment programs for every situation.

Quickcharge offers several program types to accommodate full-time and part-time employees, contractors, students, residents, interns, visitors, and much more.

Payment Program - Payroll Deduction
Payroll Deduction: With seamless integration to payroll solutions, Quickcharge delivers a worry-free, automated process.
Payment Program - Prepaid Declining Balance
Prepaid Declining Balance: Users can load funds from the My Quickcharge self-service app, desktop portal or from point of sale terminals and self-service kiosks.
Payment Program - Meal Plans
Meal Plans: Create complex, flexible plans to allocate meal credits or allowances on a set schedule – then simply tap or swipe to redeem.
Payment Program - Pay As You Go
Pay As You Go: For users who prefer not to load funds in advance, a stored credit card can be charged for each individual transaction.
Payment Program - Gift Cards
Gift Cards: Quickcharge gift cards
can be customized to fit your brand and are perfect for visitors, employee rewards, and more.
Payment Program - Departmental Catering
Departmental Catering: Create accounts for specific departments and track purchases made by approved users for meetings or events.
Payment Program - Account Billing
Account Billing: Users can be invoiced on a monthly basis to enable non-employees to utilize the benefits of Quickcharge.
Integration with Existing Technology

Seamless integration with existing technology.

Quickcharge automates the cashless payment process by working seamlessly with your organization’s existing payment technology.

POS Integration with HR
Utilize company-issued ID badges for cashless payment – Quickcharge supports proximity, bar code, and magnetic stripe badges.
Payroll Integration with POS
If you are not purchasing the MM Hayes POS solution, Quickcharge cashless integrates with many 3rd party POS systems allowing you to leverage your investment.
Employee ID for POS
Import employees from your HR or labor management solution to ensure that user data is accurate and current with no double entry.
POS Integration
Automate payroll deduction by sending employee charges to your payroll solution at the end of each pay period.
Quickcharge Cloud and Security

Security and the Quickcharge Cloud.

The Quickcharge cloud delivers exceptional security for your cashless payment and point of sale needs.

  • The Quickcharge cloud offers data isolation, redundancy, and high availability.
  • Routine vulnerability scans and penetration tests are performed to provide peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive, role-based security profiles provide users access to data on a need-to-know basis.
  • Eliminate in-house IT responsibilities and free up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Reduce expenses attributed to hardware upgrades, databases, and operating systems.
Quickcharge Benefits - Image

Benefits for employees and employers.

Quickcharge provides a win-win solution for both parties.

Cashless Payment Benefits - Convenience
Increased convenience: Employees can pay with their existing ID badges or their mobile devices – no need to worry about carrying wallets or handling cash.
Cashless Payment Benefits - Speed
Speed of service: Quickcharge transactions are 3 times faster than other payment methods, so employees save time and long lines disappear.
Cashless Payment Benefits - Mobile Ordering
Self-service and mobile ordering: Employees can quickly place orders online for pickup or delivery, increasing convenience and satisfaction.
Cashless Payment Benefits - Contactless Payment
Contactless Payment: In the wake of COVID-19, eliminate physical contact by allowing users to pay with phones or ID badges using tap and go technology.
Cashless Payment Benefits - No Fees
No transaction fees: Unlike credit and debit cards, Quickcharge carries no per-transaction fees, allowing for increased profitability.
Cashless Payment Benefits - Revenue
Increased revenue: The convenience of Quickcharge typically leads to a 20% increase in revenue at participating retail venues.

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