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Workforce Access Software

Workforce Access is a powerful access management solution that not only secures the workplace but also improves employee morale and overall productivity.

Individual Settings for Each Employee

Workforce Access allows for complete control over each person in the system. Not only can you define which doors an individual has access to, but layers of restrictions can be applied based on schedules, device conditions, and more!

Use of Existing ID Badge for a Single Badge Solution

one employee ID badge
There is no need to change or reissue your existing badges for Workforce Access. The system is designed to let employees use the same badges for identification, time and attendance, door access, and other applications such as Quickcharge cashless payment solutions.

Beyond Standard Doors

parking gate icon
Workforce Access can be used with more than just standard doors – turnstiles, barriers, parking gates, and motorized fences can also operate with the same hardware for maximum security.


To learn more about the Workforce Access system architecture, view the system visualization or system visualization for Kronos platforms. For technical specifications, please see the system requirements.

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"Workforce Access keeps us from having to do double entry. It is awesome, I love the automation."

- Debbie Carroll, CLS Developer and Lotus Administrator Information Technology, Becton Dickinson

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