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Getting the most out of your workforce strategy starts with selecting the best applications and hardware. But a comprehensive service plan will make the difference between a minimum return and maximum performance. That’s where MM Hayes’ customer support services come into play.

Help Desk

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When you call our Help Desk, trained professionals will make your problem their priority. Our secure remote access technology links to customer servers through your web browser. This allows us to see exactly where you need help. Our Help Desk technicians can easily explain to you how you can better use your system to get the results you are looking for. Our help desk can be reached at 518-459-5545 or 1-800-348-5545. If you are a current customer with an open case and wish to connect to BeyondTrust Remote Support, please click here.

Quickcharge has been acquired by Transact Campus. For Quickcharge support, contact 1-844-766-4435.

On-Site Management

mm hayes on site management
Occasionally problems cannot be resolved effectively over the phone, even with the most highly qualified Help Desk personnel. In those rare cases, our professional support staff will offer technical support on site. Our highly trained technicians will travel to your location quickly to assess the situation. MM Hayes on-site support staff will develop a comprehensive solution designed to get you up and running as soon as possible, while identifying the source of the problem to make sure it does not happen again.


To connect with our customer support team today call 1-800-348-5545.




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- Larry Pollitt, Dietary General Manager, Mayo Clinic, Albert Lea

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