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Access Control Solutions

Workforce Access.

The leading access control system with UKG integration.

A state-of-the-art solution designed by MM Hayes that secures the workplace, improves employee morale, and increases overall productivity.

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UKG Integration.

UKG Dimensions, UKG Workforce Central, or UKG Ready into one unified Access Control solution.

UKG Workforce Access Integration

Combined with UKG Dimensions, UKG Workforce Central, or UKG Ready, Workforce Access provides customers with an efficient, reliable, and secure solution. Whether integrated on the same or separate server, information can still flow seamlessly between the two systems to present a complete, unified solution for all of your door access needs. For UKG users, the Hayes Access Control Terminal provides a reliable option for controlling door hardware.

Hayes Access Control Terminals.

Intelligent terminals that serve as the interface between Access Control software and door hardware.

• Seamless integration with 3rd-party software, such as hr, payroll, or badging systems.

• Operates in real-time.

• Use of standard ethernet cables.

• Support for two independent doors per controller.

• Controllers include battery backup and power supply.

• Offline databases for functionality in the case of a power outage.

• Secure enclosures.

• Support for many badge readers and almost any badge type.

• Support for peripherals including door position switches and Request to Exit indicators.

• Easy configuration.

• Cloud-hosted or on-premise installation.

• Flash upgradeable.

Hayes Access Control Terminals
Workforce Access Software

Workforce Access Software.

Grant access to authorized personnel where they need it, when they need it.

• Workforce Access allows for complete control over each person in the system. Not only can you define which doors an individual has access to, but layers of restrictions can be applied based on schedules, device conditions, and more.

• There is no need to change or reissue your existing badges with Workforce Access. The software allows employees to use the same badges for identification, time and attendance, door access, and other applications such as Quickcharge cashless payment solutions.

• Workforce Access can be used with more than just standard doors – turnstiles, barriers, parking gates, and motorized fences can also operate with the same hardware for maximum security.

ID Badge Solutions.

Employee ID solutions for all of your organizations access needs.

MM Hayes’ ID badging options offer a comprehensive solution for taking employee photos, designing and printing custom badges, and managing personnel data. We offer a robust software package and your choice of camera, printer, and even card stock. These solutions give you a one badge solution that can be used with multiple applications, including time and attendance, door access, and cashless payment systems.

Element ID Printer

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