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Available for Android and Apple devices or through a web-based portal, My Quickcharge puts the power of Quickcharge at your fingertips with a wide array of self-service features!

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Thanks for visiting our booth at this year’s KronosWorks conference!

We hope you enjoyed a hands-on experience with our giant-sized My Quickcharge app, but the real convenience happens when the power of Quickcharge is in your pocket at all times! Read on to learn more about the features you saw at KronosWorks and more.

Quickcharge at Your Fingertips

Quickcharge at your fingertips.

With the My Quickcharge mobile app, users have easy access to their Quickcharge accounts at all times. By enabling self-service capabilities, you’ll unlock a wealth of benefits for account holders and for your organization.

  • Improve employee satisfaction by offering a major convenience
  • Boost Payroll/HR productivity by empowering employees to perform common tasks
  • Minimize compliance risk by providing employees with detailed visibility into their Quickcharge spending
  • Drive sales at dining and retail venues through online ordering

Click here to learn more about Quickcharge cashless payment solutions.

Online Ordering

Save time and skip the line with online ordering.

Drive sales and increase productivity by accepting online orders through My Quickcharge. Employees can easily navigate menus of participating venues and place orders for pickup or delivery.

Online Ordering - Menu Icon
Build custom menus of items available for online orders.
Online Ordering - Printer Icon
Detailed orders automatically print to a kitchen printer.
Online Ordering - Hours Icon
Configure specific hours of operation for pickup/delivery.
Online Ordering - Food Icon
Employees will love skipping the line to get their orders faster!
Streamlined Enrollment

Streamlined enrollment.

Simplify onboarding and encourage adoption by allowing employees to sign up for Quickcharge with no involvement from HR.

  • Choose from standard authorization agreements or add your own language.
  • Eliminate the need for paper forms and manual entry.
  • Ensure that users are fully aware of all payroll deduction policies.
  • Users can choose to opt out at any time.

Detailed visibility for account holders.

Increase convenience and peace of mind for users and ensure compliance with state and local laws by offering account holders full visibility into their Quickcharge accounts.

Visibility - Balances
Current balance and amount still available to spend.
Visibility - Purchase History
Purchase history and details of individual transactions.
Visibility - Spending Profile
Spending profile details including limits at each venue.
Visibility - Receipts
Detailed receipts for any Quickcharge POS transactions.
Visibility - Deduction History
Payroll deduction history including total amount deducted from each paycheck.
Visibility - Funding History
Funding history of deposits made to prepaid accounts.
Freeze Account

Freeze a lost badge to stop purchases.

Lost your badge? Simply “freeze” your account using My Quickcharge and your badge will instantly be barred from making any further purchases.

  • If a lost badge is found, the account can be unfrozen at any time.
  • Improve the security of your Quickcharge solution.
  • Grant employees greater peace of mind.
  • No involvement is needed from HR if a badge is only temporarily misplaced.

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