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Kronos for YMCAs Resource Center

Faced with the challenge of balancing a double bottom line of doing social good and managing limited budgets, YMCAs across the country are turning to workforce management solutions from Kronos Incorporated.

Workforce management can help you balance this “double bottom line” through more efficient use of your workforce. With labor accounting for a significant portion of your budget, the workforce represents a significant opportunity to achieve a sustainable balance. Kronos for YMCA helps you control your budget while delivering safe, quality programs and services to members, creating positive results for your double bottom line.

Key Benefits of Kronos for YMCAs:

  • Control costs and reallocate savings into programs that enrich the lives of members and the community
  • Improve productivity so employees can focus on supporting your mission
  • Minimize workforce compliance risk to protect both employees and the Y
  • Proactively manage costs and requirements related to upcoming Affordable Care Act compliance
  • Gain insight into the allocation of labor costs with advanced reporting capabilities
  • Replace time-consuming manual processes with easy-to-use automated solutions

Kronos for the YMCA Resources:

Data Sheets and Whitepapers:
Data Sheet: Kronos for YMCA
Kronos for YMCA
White Paper: Managing Your Double Bottom Line
Managing Your Double Bottom Line
Case Studies:
Case Study: YMCA of the Triangle
YMCA of the Triangle
Case Study: YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

See What Current YMCA Kronos Customers Have to Say:

“Kronos has truly helped us improve productivity in all aspects of workforce management. For example, entering hours into a payroll batch used to be a 10 hour manual process, which now takes 10 minutes.” Suzanne Goswick, Vice President of Human Resources, YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas
“Having an employee’s information in one place, rather than on five paper timecards across multiple departments and centers, helped us cut our payroll costs by $1.5 million in less than a year.” Judith Sol-Dyess, Senior Director of Information Systems, YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
“Kronos has just been a lifesaver for us. We can’t say enough good things about Kronos.” Karla Jessup, Vice President of Human Resources, YMCA of the Triangle
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    Managing the double bottom line can be challenging. But with Kronos for YMCA, you can effectively manage your workforce to support mission-based objectives and optimize efficiency. To learn more about how Kronos can benefit your organization, fill out the form below to request a free consultation.

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