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5 Steps to Stellar Sales for Hospital Gift Shops – During the Holiday Season and Beyond!

December 6th, 2013 at 3:37 pm

The holiday season has arrived which means lots of holiday cheer and celebration…and for hospital gift shops, a boost in sales! Whether you’re looking to make the most of holiday shopping or just picking up some new ideas as the new year approaches, these 5 tips can help increase your hospital gift shop sales all year long:

1. Think Unique

blog-mittensWhen it comes to choosing what items to stock, you have options that the big box stores don’t have. By looking for items that are handmade, local, or made by small businesses, you can build an array of gifts that can’t be found anywhere else. Those unique items are perfect for catching the eye of passersby or enticing your employees to visit frequently to see what’s new.

2. Celebrate!

blog-party-hatYou know the holiday season is your busiest time of year, so be sure to go all out with your holiday merchandise, sales, and displays. Those unique items will make your gift shop the perfect stop for visitors and employees looking for that perfect gift. And don’t think that holiday shopping is just about Christmas – keep an eye on the calendar year-round and celebrate with special items, promotions, and displays for every holiday and event from St. Patrick’s Day to Nurses Day!

3. Get Creative

blog-facebookRunning interesting sales and promotions can be a great way to tempt someone to stop by. Try giving away a small freebie with every purchase of a new “big-ticket” item you want to promote, or hold a contest where anyone who can find ten items with elephants on them is entered to win a gift card to your shop. Don’t forget to keep working in those holidays and events, too – how about a sale on anything purple as Easter approaches?

4. Embrace Employees

blog-hospital-employeeHospital employees make up most of your customer base, so keep them in mind at all times. Advertise promotions with flyers in break rooms and other employee areas, ask for suggestions of what items employees would like to see, and interact with employees on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. With the gift shop’s unique merchandise, holiday deals, and creative promotions, your employees will have every reason to visit frequently.

5. Offer Payroll Deduction with Quickcharge!

blog-id-badgeOne perfect way to embrace employees is by offering them the option to have purchases automatically deducted from their paychecks. They’ll love that they don’t have to carry cash or worry about transaction fees or interest, and an automated system like Quickcharge, that lets them pay by swiping their ID badges will make shopping at your gift shop more convenient than ever before!


If you are interested in learning how you can offer payroll deduction in your hospital gift shop with Quickcharge, contact the payroll experts at MM Hayes today!


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  1. Nancy Teti says:

    I work in a Hosital Gift Shop. Not too busy

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