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A Cashless Society And A Trend Toward Cashless Payments

December 22nd, 2011 at 9:01 am

So let’s take it to a vote, do you still use ATMs?  How about online banking, do you pay your bills online or do you write a check?  Do you even carry cash?  How many credit cards do you carry?

The trend toward a cashless society is certainly undeniable.  We are seeing an uptick in this trend especially in the healthcare arena – where time is tight and patient care needs to be paramount.  But nurses and doctors have to eat, right?  Who has time to go grab a bite to eat during a busy shift?  Who has cash in hand to buy a snack from the vending machine?  Healthcare workers need a cashless payment solution that is quick and convenient without fees.

One really cool app that healthcare workers can try is the new Kronos InTouch time clock.  You can preorder your food by simply swiping your badge.  The InTouch time clock sends your order to the hospital cafeteria specifying the date and time for delivery.  So the doctors and nurses can tend to their patients and still get a good meal.  No need for cash or credit card as the purchase is payroll deducted.  And guess what?  No fees.

What do you think about this option?

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