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Biometric Cashless Payment for Schools

October 30th, 2012 at 4:31 pm

cashless payment for schoolsWe’ve frequently discussed the advantages of incorporating functions like cashless payment and access control into items like ID badges and wristbands that are already being carried – now, some schools are making it even easier for students to remember their payment for lunches by allowing the students to pay by simply swiping a finger.

These biometric cashless payment systems connect the students’ fingerprints to prepaid accounts. The increased transaction speed helps lines move quickly, so the students have more time to enjoy their lunches. Parents don’t have to worry about their children losing cash or spending it on other things, and in some cases they can even monitor purchases online if they’re concerned about what the students are eating.

The schools also benefit by being able to better track sales and trends. An added benefit is that free lunches can be provided anonymously – a student who is part of a free lunch program would swipe their finger like the other students, so the process is more discreet.

Cashless payment, whether biometric, card-based, or tied to existing student IDs, is perfect for schools, especially for young students who may be prone to misplacing cash. Last year, 30 percent of secondary schools in England were using biometric systems, and since cashless payment benefits students, parents, and schools, it seems likely that number will continue to grow.

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