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Celebrate Your Employees During National Social Workers Month

March 14th, 2016 at 1:01 pm

National Social Workers Month 2016March is National Social Workers Month, honoring those who tackle some of the most challenging issues facing us today. We can use this as an opportunity to celebrate those who contribute their time and knowledge to help improve the lives of individuals and their communities. Social Workers develop positive relationships with children, adults, families, hospitals, non-profit organizations, schools, and government agencies to protect them from harm and discrimination. In 2016, we are facing difficult political and social challenges and social workers have an important role in ensuring that mental health and physical health are more available nationwide.

With more than 600,000 social workers in the United States, they are the largest group of mental health professionals. They help so many deal with complex issues including depression, anxiety, and other disorders to help individuals overcome these difficulties. Social workers help various groups of people including veterans, natural disaster victims, children, and senior citizens. They help them receive the support that is available to them such as financial assistance, housing assistance, stress and anxiety services, and more. Social workers are an essential asset to each of these groups in order to help them lead more fulfilling lives.

This March, we should honor social workers for their hard work and dedication to the healthcare field. With their help, we are making strides in the mental healthcare field and that effort cannot go unrecognized. They are positively changing our communities while creating hope and opportunity among those who need it most.

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