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Kronos Empowers the Modern Workforce with Mobile Enhancements to Drive Employee Engagement

April 5th, 2016 at 3:48 pm

CHELMSFORD, Mass., April 5, 2016Kronos Incorporated today announced significant enhancements to its mobile and tablet applications for workforce management, further empowering employees around the world to increase ownership of their work schedules with powerful and convenient self-service functionality.

News Facts

  • Kronos Workforce Mobile and Workforce Tablet make it easier for employees and managers to complete a wide range of scheduling tasks from their preferred device, improving productivity, efficiency, and employee engagement. Enhancements include:
    • Shift Swap – A one-to-one exchange enables employees to easily trade shifts in their current schedule with willing and available co-workers who share the same skills and certifications, at anytime from anywhere, requiring minimal manager involvement;
    • Open Shift – Employees can now opt-in for additional hours from their mobile device by accepting open shifts that are part of the posted schedule but not yet assigned to a specific individual;
    • Request to Cover – Employees can request coverage from another similarly trained employee if they have an unexpected need for time off. Unlike shift-swap, request to cover does not involve a one-to-one exchange, but instead initiates a blanket request to all qualified co-workers for help covering the shift; and
    • Availability – With just a few taps on a device at any time from any location, an employee can communicate temporary changes to their availability to a manager, streamlining requests and eliminating possible confusion.
  • With the ability to make on-the-go scheduling requests in the palm of their hands, retail associates can change their availability with ease; manufacturing employees can opt-in to extra shifts during peak demand; a nurse with an unexpected conflict can easily find coverage so the unit isn’t short staffed; or a restaurant server can trade shifts to match their child care availability.
  • Employee self-service increases engagement among employees by giving them a voice in work-related decisions that impact their everyday lives.
  • Governed by pre-configured work rules that align with company guidelines, employee self-service also frees up managers from tedious scheduling matters, which allows the manager to focus on value-adding activities, such as customer service or training.
  • Approximately five million workers employed by thousands of Kronos customers, including Blarney Castle Oil, Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Forest City Enterprises, New York Health and Racquet Club, and The Container Store use Kronos mobile solutions.
  • Workforce Mobile is available via iPhone® and Android™. Workforce Tablet is available on the Apple® iPad®.

Supporting Quotes

  • Lisa Rowan, research vice president, HR and talent management services, IDC
    “The mobile phone is a nearly ubiquitous consumer technology, and as such, more workers are coming to both expect and demand that they’ll be able to complete work-related tasks from the device of their choice. Whether it is updating availability, swapping shifts with a colleague, or seeking coverage for a previously scheduled shift, employee self-service tools help increase flexibility and ultimately, improve engagement. Organizations are quickly recognizing the competitive advantage that mobile employee self-service provides.”
  • Bill Bartow, vice president, global product management, Kronos
    “Kronos customers around the world use our mobile and tablet applications for easy, on-the-go access to Workforce Central. Expanding the functionalities of Kronos mobile solutions gives employees more control over their work and life demands while helping organizations increase employee engagement and maximize productivity through more effective workforce management.”

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