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Kronos Expands Functionality of Workforce Central Workforce Management Suite

October 10th, 2014 at 9:14 am

At this week’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition, Kronos Incorporated introduced several enhancements to its Workforce Central workforce management suite. These features include a professional project tracking solution as well as enhancements for manufacturers and for the public sector.


Kronos Adds Professional Project Tracking for Organizations to Improve Client Service

For organizations in industries such as banking, insurance, IT consulting, and legal, Kronos introduced professional project tracking in order to increase efficiencies among field, contract, and professional exempt employees. The new project tracking capability allows organizations to clearly track projects in real time and see costs associated with specific projects. This allows employers to more easily align paid time with labor and eliminates the need for manual processes. Professional project tracking ensures that individuals with the right skills are working on specific projects, and it also prevents unnecessary work as a result of over-staffing.

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Kronos Adds Grant and Project Tracking Solution for the Public Sector

To meet the growing needs of grant management in the public sector including federal, state, and local government agencies as well as  K-12 and higher education institutions, Kronos has added a grant and project tracking solution to its Workforce Central workforce management suite. Designed for project and grant managers, project sponsors, and principal investigators, the new grant and project tracking solution optimizes how labor and non-labor hours and associated costs are tracked to grants and projects. Track labor against budget, planned hours, and results for real time visibility into the progress of every grant or project in the organization.

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Kronos Enhances Production Labor Tracking Solution for Manufacturers Across the Globe

To help manufacturers across the globe better understand how operations are performing against productivity goals, Kronos added enhancements to the production labor tracking solution within its Workforce Central workforce management suite. The new enhancements allow manufacturers to track projects performed by salaried employees in addition to hourly employees, giving organizations a more complete look at labor costs and output. In addition to identification of nonproductive time and detection of bottlenecks, the production labor tracking solution provides manufacturers with actual labor cost data, helping them manage profit margins through improved understanding of production and project labor costs.

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