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Kronos Launches Big Data Solution: Workforce Auditor

November 16th, 2015 at 10:50 am

LAS VEGAS, KronosWorks™ — Nov. 16, 2015 — Kronos Incorporated today announced the availability of Workforce Auditor, a solution powered by the Kronos Workforce Analytics solution. Available within the Kronos Workforce Central suite, Workforce Auditor helps organizations take a data-driven approach to their workforce, offering the ability to turn big data into actionable intelligence, resulting in improved workforce productivity, minimized compliance risk, and increased employee engagement.

News Facts

  • Developed by the big data for workforce management practice group at Kronos comprising of business intelligence designers, data scientists, and consultants, Workforce Auditor identifies patterns of timekeeping and scheduling behavior within an organization that are unusual and links them to specific workforce activity. With this information at their fingertips, decision makers can identify and preempt policy compliance issues, and more effectively implement best practices.
  • Workforce Auditor has been tested on a wide range of Kronos customer data and has revealed signficant amounts of previously unknown findings for each customer. For example, a state agency uncovered a specific crew with a disproportionately high rate of mandatory meal break cancellations indicating that workers were potentially working long shifts with no break, when that may not have been the case. And a retailer identified specific stores where managers were consistently adjusting employees’ time-worked data and breaks to benefit their own performance. These revelations enable organizations to gain actionable insights to help drive better business outcomes as well as increase employee engagement.
  • These examples are common among large and complex workforces, which present considerable challenges for an organization seeking to comply with federal, state, and other labor law regulations; standardize best practices; and limit time abuse. Even with layers of protection and controls in place, organizations can find themselves facing regulatory challenges or leaking profits. The cause is only identified after it becomes large enough when one of the traditional controls or a manual audit picks it up.
  • Based on these gaps in the auditing process, Kronos developed Workforce Auditor to guide auditors and analysts to quickly identify parts of an organization that act differently from others, specifically by identifying subtle patterns of unusual timekeeping and scheduling activity. By presenting detailed views of these underlying patterns and linking them to specific workforce activity, Workforce Auditor offers organizations a competitive advantage compared to those that rely on traditional reporting and supervisor oversight.

Supporting Quotes

  • John Smoot, finance manager, payroll and accounts payable, Centra Health
    “Without a powerful analytics tool, it is really challenging to identify and visualize trends within our workforce dispersed across various departments. To do so effectively would require sifting through millions of records. Workforce Auditor will give us timely insights into important workforce issues that will allow us to be proactive in identifying and implementing best practices.”
  • Gregg Gordon, senior director, big data for workforce management practice group, Kronos
    “Workforce Auditor is the gateway to a new era for anyone managing a workforce. Aside from traditional gaming and abuse, Workforce Auditor finds situations where exceptional employees are working extra hard when they don’t have to but underlying causes are going undetected. While many talk about big data without getting specific, our data scientists have created tangible benefits through their application of big data techniques and we are committed to advancing the ability to act upon workforce data to improve financial and operational results as well as enhance employee engagement.”

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