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Kronos Unveils Workforce Dimensions – A Revolutionary Solution that Reshapes the Future of Workforce Management

November 13th, 2017 at 12:01 pm

LAS VEGAS, KronosWorks ,

Kronos Incorporated today unveiled its next-generation workforce management solution, Workforce Dimensions. Combining more than 40 years of global domain expertise with the latest in cloud computing technology, Kronos is redefining the future of workforce management: every facet of the solution, from a breakthrough user interface (UI) to its embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, has been reimagined to help organizations drive better business outcomes.

News Facts

  • Work your way: Introducing the industry’s first fully responsive UI
    • The first workforce management solution to incorporate a fully responsive UI, Workforce Dimensions provides the same engaging user experience across phones, tablets, and desktops – allowing employees and managers unprecedented control over how they want to consume information.
    • Users can create their own personalized experience with the information that is most critical to their roles.
    • One-click actions make common workflows simple, including submitting and approving time-off requests, timecard approvals, shift-swaps, and the handling of exceptions.
    • Collaborative Self-scheduling empowers employees to express where, when, and how much they want to work and the redesigned schedule optimization engines will generate an ideal schedule taking schedule fairness, work-life balance, and employee engagement to a whole new level.
  • Work smarter: Transforming the role of the frontline managers through AI and advanced machine learning
    • Another industry first, a personal digital consultant, Workforce Advisor, uses AI and advanced machine learning to automate daily, time-consuming decisions, dramatically increasing the time managers spend on more strategic initiatives.
    • Proactive Compliance continually projects up-to-the-minute timekeeping data into the future, identifying and alerting managers to potential compliance risks hours and even days before an issue surfaces. As a predictive solution, it gives managers – for the very first time – the opportunity to prevent issues from happening, saving time, cost, and mitigating risk.
    • Advanced forecasting powered with AI and machine learning improves volume forecast accuracy by as much as 25 percent, resulting in higher quality schedules. Not only does this dramatically reduce operating costs from less over- and under-scheduling, but more accurate schedules drive revenue through improved productivity and customer service.
    • Real-time, embedded analytics – including over 150 pre-configured key performance indicators – for the first time give frontline managers the analytical tools they need to optimize workforce operations and deliver strategic labor insights to their organizations.
  • Work in a modern cloud: Delivering the industry’s first workforce management cloud platform designed specifically to meet the challenges of today’s global enterprises
    • Workforce Dimensions is built on the Kronos D5 platform, an innovative cloud architecture designed from the ground up to handle the massive real-time computational challenges of processing global enterprise workforce management data in real-time.
    • The Kronos D5 platform features an open API platform for easy integrations and extensions; a foundational artificial intelligence engine which enables predictive and intelligent solutions; lightning fast in-memory computing with the ability to process large volumes of data in seconds; a domain model with flexible and adaptable rules that manage suite interactions; and a unified information architecture that eliminates the need for data warehousing and simplifies access to analytics for all users.
    • Kronos has leveraged partnerships with leading technology providers such as Google and Microsoft to use the Kronos D5 platform to develop product extensions to Workforce Dimensions:
      • Workforce Dimensions will integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams to simplify daily tasks. Outlook integration makes it quick and easy for managers to respond to employee requests directly via actionable email messages and the Teams chat bot integration will support voice requests, allowing users to access work information, such as their schedule, simply by speaking.
      • Google Calendar integration allows users to download and share work schedules, while integration with Google Sheets makes it simple to export and share reports with colleagues.
    • Kronos is also working collaboratively with leading global human capital management providers Oracle, SAP, and others on pre-built connectors to their applications. These connectors will give organizations access to existing integrations to shorten implementation cycles and move data seamlessly between the applications.
    • The Kronos D5 platform powers Workforce Dimensions using Google Cloud Platform, leveraging Google Cloud’s substantial investments in global infrastructure, security, and ongoing innovation.
  • Developed in close collaboration with organizations from around the world
    • Kronos worked with customers to reimagine what could be done in a next generation workforce management solution.
    • Some Workforce Dimensions early adopters who are currently implementing the product include BorgWarner Inc., Brookstone, GATE Petroleum Company, LondonEnergy, Snyder’s-Lance, Things Remembered, Tru Blu Beverages, and University of Colorado Boulder.

Supporting Quotes

  • Aron Ain, chief executive officer, Kronos
    “Workforce Dimensions fundamentally reshapes the relationship between employees and the organizations where they work – creating new levels of collaboration that were never thought possible. Technology is changing the future of work, and Workforce Dimensions is changing the future of workforce management.”
  • Jim Welch, chief product officer, Kronos
    “Workforce Dimensions represents an entirely new category of workforce management technology. It reimagines what’s possible and delivers a world-class experience that allows users to work their way, work smarter, and work in a modern cloud. Powered by our intelligent D5 platform, Workforce Dimensions’ ability to learn from the present to make better decisions about the future fundamentally changes how organizations can manage their people and business.”
  • Connie Fumich, director, IT, Things Remembered
    “Things Remembered challenged Kronos to create a new solution that would dramatically change how our organization handles all aspects of workforce management, from creating schedules and capturing timekeeping data, to communicating with employees and proactively managing potential labor law compliance. Workforce Dimensions delivers exactly that. We’re excited by the modern, intuitive, and mobile-first SaaS-experience, which we believe will empower managers and employees in our fulfillment center and 450 stores to make better, faster business decisions – ultimately providing a better experience to our customers.”
  • Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer, Ventana Research
    “The introduction of Workforce Dimensions represents a significant milestone for Kronos’ 40-year journey. The new platform and applications combines the company’s workforce management market leadership with a brand new, intelligent and smart cloud computing platform that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and embedded analytics to help everyone – from management, managers, or front-line workers – make better, faster decisions. An open API ensures Workforce Dimensions is extensible, configurable, and will benefit from future innovations, while a mobile-first design will empower everyone to truly work anywhere, from anytime, on any device.”

Supporting Resources

  • This announcement was made from KronosWorks, the world’s largest workforce information exchange. KronosWorks is taking place this week in Las Vegas.
  • See live updates and join the conversation by using #KronosWorks across all social media channels.
  • Follow the buzz about the Workforce Dimensions product with #KronosWFD across all social media channels.
  • Throughout the event, KronosWorks attendees will come together to donate life-saving hygiene kits to disaster relief efforts through Clean the World, a not-for-profit that recycles discarded soap from hotels and distributes it worldwide to prevent illness and disease.
  • Connect with Kronos via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Take a look at the lighter side of the workforce in our Time Well Spent cartoons.
  • Follow The Workforce Institute at Kronos for insight, research, blogs, and podcasts on how organizations can manage today’s modern workforce to drive engagement and performance.

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