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Turn a Hospital Employee ID Badge into a One Badge Solution with Many Benefits!

September 4th, 2013 at 2:37 pm

Hospitals across the country are adding extra functionality to their employee ID badges by using one badge for identification, time and attendance, cashless payment, and access control. By using a single badge for these applications, a hospital can create a convenient, easy-to-use card management system for their employees.

Implementing a one badge solution allows employees to gain easy access to everything they need at work without the hassle of carrying multiple cards, cash or keys on them at all times. From entering a building with the swipe of their badge, to clocking in when they arrive at work, to purchasing lunch at the cafeteria through payroll deduction, the possibilities are endless. Employees are more likely to wear their badges at all times if they have multiple uses and hospitals enjoy the benefits of a cohesive workforce management solution. Automated payroll deduction, eliminating inaccuracies with time and attendance, increased revenues, and enhanced security are just a few of the many results a one badge solution can produce.

Whether your hospital is a single entity or a multi-site healthcare system, MM Hayes workplace software solutions can be designed to fit your needs. Employees will thank you for improving life at work!


one employee id badge solution

One response to “Turn a Hospital Employee ID Badge into a One Badge Solution with Many Benefits!”

  1. Victoria Nix says:

    I am reaching out to see if you are able to work with other types of corporations or if you are solely in the hospital industry? We are a contractor of Yellowstone National Park and are looking to merge our employee ID’s with a payroll deduction option for our employee dining rooms. We currently use Kronos for our timekeeping technology.

    Thank you.

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